I like to camp. 
What can I do to Keep Invasive Species Out?

Whether you’re hiking into a remote lean-to, driving to a lakeside campsite, or exploring in your RV, you can take action to Keep Invasive Species Out of the Adirondacks.

So what can you do? Three easy steps.

  • After every camping adventure, take a moment to inspect your gear, boots, clothing and vehicles. Remove any mud, plant material or debris. Wash your gear after every trip.
  • Use only local firewood for your campfires and burn it where you buy it.
  • Don't forget to also clean your four-legged, furry camping companions after every trip.

The best campsites are surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests. Help protect your favorite site by learning to identify and report any invasive species you see in the backcountry.


Photo: © Lisa J. Godfrey