I am a Farmer. 
What can I do to Keep Invasive Species Out?

Farmers know their property better than anyone, and they can quickly tell when something is wrong.

Some invasive species are easy to notice on the farm – especially when they interfere with your crops or livestock.  Others might not directly impact your farm, but could affect surrounding areas if allowed to spread.

A few small, simple steps can help Keep Invasive Species Out of your farm for generations to come:

  • Think about all the materials coming into and out of your farm. Invasives can hitch a ride on plants, equipment, livestock, compost, etc., so make sure you are using sources that are clean and free of contaminants.
  • Think about what might be hitching a ride in the plants, produce or livestock that you are selling, and make sure they are clean and invasive-free before sale.
  • Clean your equipment before it is used on another farm. If possible, work in uninvaded fields before moving to infested ones.
  • Dispose of plant debris and damaged produce quickly to keep populations of invasive insects low.

Be extra vigilant by learning to identify and report invasive species that could impact your farm.