I like to garden and landscape.
What can I do to Keep Invasive Species Out?

Did you know that you could have invasive plants in your flower beds, water gardens and landscaping?

Some invasive plants are attractive, and homeowners and gardeners may unknowingly plant them. From there they can spread into and harm Adirondack forests, lakes and wetlands. In fact, many invasive plants were commonly sold at nurseries and garden centers until just recently.

The Invasive Species Prevention Act now prohibits or regulates the possession, transport, importation, sale, purchase and introduction of select invasive species in New York.

While these regulations go a long way in preventing new invasive species introductions, some invasives are still being sold or have already been planted. Others can be transported in contaminated nursery stock or fill and be delivered directly to your property.

That’s why it is important to follow these small, simple steps and know before you grow:

  • Always garden, landscape and decorate with native or non-invasive plants. You can be sure that the plants you purchase in New York are non-invasive by reading the label. Regulated plants should always be labeled as invasive.
  • If possible, support local plant growers and nurseries. There is less chance that a local supplier will sell you a tree or plant with an unwanted hitchhiker inside.
  • Know the source of your mulch, topsoil and fill. Inspect and use only clean and weed-free sources. Bagged potting soil or mulch is usually safe.

You can also grow your knowledge by learning how to identify and report invasive species.