I like to hike.
What can I do to Keep Invasive Species Out?

Picture this scenario. You head out of town on a weekend hiking adventure. The next weekend, you’re hiking close to home. Sounds harmless enough, but did you know that it’s possible you transported seeds of an invasive plant, and introduced them to your local trail system?

Invasive plant seeds can be extremely small and transported in mud or attach to your boots and gear. That means hikers can unknowingly transport them to uninvaded trail systems.

Want to Keep Invasive Species Out? If you hike, it’s all about three easy steps.

  • Clean your boots, clothing and other gear of mud and debris after each outdoor adventure. A quick wash after each trip will go a long way. Investing in a boot brush can also help protect the land you love.
  • Stay on the trail. Wandering off trail can increase your likelihood for picking up seeds you don’t want to spread.
  • Don't forget to also clean your four-legged, furry hiking companions after every trip.

If you are a list keeper and keen observer, you can go one step farther by learning to identify and report invasive species you see along the trail. 


Photo: ©Amy Deputy