I like to hunt.
What can I do to Keep Invasive Species Out?

Wild turkeys, whitetail deer, black bear and ruffed grouse thrive in habitat free of invasive species. Without healthy forests and wetlands, game species decline, making hunting more difficult and less satisfying. But there are ways to protect your Adirondack hunting heritage.

Hunters can unknowingly spread invasive plants on their boots and gear, as well as invasive insects in the firewood they bring to hunting camp. Fortunately, a few small, simple steps can have big results in protecting both Adirondack game animals and hunting grounds.

What can you do?

  • After each hunting trip, inspect your gear and clothing, especially your hunting boots. If you used an ATV, check your tires. Remove any mud, plant material and seeds. Wash your gear and equipment after each trip.
  • Waterfowl hunters using boats, waders or decoys should practice Clean, Drain & Dry. 
  • Avoid walking through infested areas to limit the chance of picking up seeds you don't want to spread.
  •  If you’re planning a trip to hunting camp, use only local firewood and burn it where you buy it.
  • Don't forget to also clean your four-legged, furry hunting companions after every trip.

Put your woodsmanship skills to the test by learning to identify and report invasive species before next hunting season.


Photo: ©Lisa J. Godfrey