I like to mountain bike.
What can I do to Keep Invasive Species Out?

Did you know that seeds from invasive plants can be transported in the dirt your bike tires pick up on the trail? Your bike shoes and gear can also pick up and potentially spread invasive plant seeds.

Take a few extra minutes after your ride and before you power your pedals on another trail to clean your gear so you can help protect the mountains you love.

Here are two easy steps:

  • Stay on the trail. Riding off designated trails increases the likelihood that you could pick up seeds that you don't want to spread.
  • After each ride, inspect your gear, especially your tires, bike shoes and cleats. Remove any dirt, plant material and seeds. Rinse your gear off after each trip.

 Take the next jump by learning how to identify and report invasive species you see on the trail.


Photo: ©Josh Wilson